Who, what, why, etc?

Skeptics SA is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting rational investigation of the natural world. We do this for various reasons. Many of the members seek a handy reference for dealing with much of the misinformation in the world. Many feel they should try to understand the world around them rather than just rely on faith from a third party.

New Meetup group

Think! Drink!

There is now a group of skeptics meeting through Meetup: you're invited to join them via Thinking and Drinking: Skeptics in the Pub.


Over the years Skeptics SA has collected and written a number of brochures covering the skeptical position on a whole range of ideas. These have been on offer for free at our meetings and are presented here in two forms: as HTML pages for reading in a browser window, or as PDFs for download. (PDFs require the free Adobe reader.)


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